Rabbit Stew - Cast Iron Boys

Rabbit Stew – Cast Iron Boys

Rabbit Stew by Nick – Cast Iron Boys

G’day everybody and welcome back to another episode of the Cast Iron Boys. Today we are going to be doing something nice and easy – a rabbit stew. We’re down at Cabarita for the Greenback fishing competition.

Here in the bowl I’ve got everything cut up and ready to go, so we’ve got a nice rabbit, same things that you would use in a normal stew – potatoes, carrots, swedes, onions and all you’ll need as well is some mixed herbs and some veggie stock and that’s it.

So what we are going to do is pop that straight in your camp oven, add some mixed herbs. Here we’ve just got some vegetable stock so in that goes.

So with your spoon just make sure you push all the meat down, make sure everything is covered. Get out the lid and put straight on top then the camp oven mate lid on top and there you are, you just have to let that cook for two hours. It is rabbit and you have to cook rabbit quite slowly so the slower cooked it is the better it will turn out.

OK so it’s been two hours now, let’s open it up and see how she’s cooked. Get yourself a bowl ready to go and dish some up, nice looking rabbit and some veggies.

So there you go, a nice rabbit stew cooked in two hours, ready for a nice winters night.

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