About the Cast Iron Boys

The Cast Iron Boys were 3 young lads who were on a mission to educate and inspire others to get into camp oven cooking.

The Cast Iron Boys were a group of 3 mates, Mick, Nick and Ryan. They gained popularity for their expertise and passion for helping others learn camp oven cooking.

The Cast Iron Boys were known for their engaging demonstrations, videos, and recipe book that showcased the art and techniques of cooking with camp ovens.

The Cast Iron Boys inspired and educated many aspiring camp oven cooks through their shared knowledge and experiences. While the specific members of the Cast Iron Boys may vary, they collectively represented a dedicated community of camp oven enthusiasts who brought the joy of outdoor cooking to audiences worldwide.

Mick has continued on his mission of promoting camp oven cooking, as The Camp Oven Cook

Camp Oven Book

Mick’s Everyday Camp Oven Cooking Book

  • 32 Amazing Recipes
  • 9 Pages of Beginner Information
  • Handy to take camping with you!
about the cast iron boys, this photo is of them with spida everit