What came first… the chicken or the camp oven?

The answer really doesn’t matter, but without both you would not be able to cook up the simple, yet tasty, apricot chicken that Ryan from the Cast Iron Boys has served up at Upton’s Camping and Disposals Store at Browns Plains over the last few months.

But the story doesn’t start there though. It all started a couple of years ago when Mick and Nick decided they’d have a bit of fun filming some instructional cooking videos using a cast iron camp oven. At the time, they never thought it would turn into an internet sensation! At the end of 2012, Mick approached his cousin Ryan to come on board to lend a hand with the ever increasing demands that were being placed on the boys.

Ryan, armed with the primeval instinct of the need to eat and a repertoire of culinary delights that he’d sampled around the world during a 12 year career in the navy, never left. Early in 2013 the Cast Iron Boys were contacted by Ben O’Reilly, the Proprietor at Upton’s about doing cooking demonstrations (read catering) for an upcoming customer appreciation day.

The challenge was quickly accepted and the boys set to work on preparing how they would feed the fans. Naturally, given the event was to be held on a Sunday, the traditional beef, pork and lamb roasts all got a look in, and you’d be crazy to think that the Cast Iron Boys signature Sticky Coca Cola BBQ ribs weren’t on the menu as well.

This was all well and good, but what about those chicken only people. Well, fortunately enough Ryan had an ace up his sleeve. A super easy dish from his childhood which both tastes great and can be changed from a dinner for 2 to a feast for 200, with enough camp ovens, simply by increasing the basic ingredients.

Following the success of the first customer appreciation day, the boys were invited back to Upton’s on the last Sunday of each month, and this is seen as a great sign of where the camp oven cooking scene is headed, at least for them. Like all good things, businesses can only survive if they adapt to change, and to this end, Ben and his staff recently ran a competition to rename the customer appreciation day with the winning entry being UHAD or Upton’s Honorary Allegiance Day.

To find out more you can check out  www.uptonscamping.com.au



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