Mick Visits the GreenAg Turkey Farm … Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

GreenAg Turkey Farm

GreenAg Turkey

Recently I went on a road trip to Kingsthorpe to do a story on a camp oven addict. Ironically he goes by the name named Kingsthorpe David. I have known David for a long time online and he’s always posting photos of something new he’s just bought, and seeing he only lived up the road from GreenAg Turkey Farm I knew I had to have a visit there too.

I arrived at David’s place and he gave me a tour of his cast iron collection. Shortly after, we went for a quick drive to GreenAg Turkey Farm to get the meat for our lunch.

“Biosecurity Area” – GreenAg Turkey Farm

GreenAg Turkey

Seeing that sign on the gate made me think I was entering some zombie affected area! Luckily for me, it was just an organic turkey farm. I took a photo with the sign then we drove down to the farm and we were greeted by Ewart, the “turkey man”. Just in case in case you were going ask, no he does not look like a turkey!

Now as you know I’m in a bit of a hurry to get back to David’s place so I had a quick look around, and boy does these turkeys have a good life!!! They are in big open areas, listen to baroque music day and night, drink fresh filtered water and are feed chemical and toxin-FREE. If you ask me that’s a good life for a turkey!

I’m going to have to leave you to know as I’m going back to David’s place. Check out my photos and recipe below. You can find out more information about GreenAg turkeys and order online from their website.

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