Cast Iron Boys visit Cobb & Co Nine Mile

Cobb & Co Nine Mile

Well, Nick and I from the Cast Iron Boys hit the road for a 3-hour drive to a lovely campground we’ve heard so much about, The Cobb and Co Nine Mile Camp Ground! Cobb & Co is situated 10 minutes from Gympie and the drive went fast. Before we knew it we had arrived only to see what’s believed to be Australia’s largest camp oven. Naturally, we had to take a photo with it.

Magazine article about cobb and co nine mile
A photo of the article in the What’s up Downunder Magazine

Sean and Katherine were warm and welcoming as Mick drove up the driveway to meet them.

They have recently listed Cobb and Co Camping for sale, for offers of over 5 Million.

CRE Brokers – Susan Crowe

We followed Sean to our luxury tent we had booked before we headed there and had a chance to check out the tent and the view from the private balcony. The balcony overlooked the billabong and we wanted to go for a kayak, but Nick and I had so much to do.

Sean took us for a drive in his 4WD and went on a tour around this place. Brimming with beautiful scenery and the sound of wild birds whistling, was a sight and sound that is well worth the wait. Well, I said now we have seen the place, let’s knock out a recipe so we can relax around the campfire.

We went for a drive and found a great spot and cooked up an easy roast chook and veggies for lunch.

Day into the night.

As the day become night it was time to relax and have a few beers around the campfire. Sean and Katherine had roast pork for dinner and there was plenty to share. It was a lovely meal and we continued the night down at the stage and sat by the fire.

It was getting late and we wanted to be up early for a productive day, so we decided to head back to our luxury tent to get ready to hit the sack. The luxury tents are great, they have two singles and a queen bed and lighting inside the tent. All tucked up in bed, cozy and warm, we got to have a solid night’s sleep.

Up at the crack of dawn, we headed to the camp kitchen for a coffee and headed off to find a nice spot by the billabong where we cranked up a fire, to make a slow-cooked chicken stew for a recipe in the new cookbook. Mick decided that a photo of himself paddling in a kayak would be a good photo shot.

Mick almost fell into the billabong as he paddled around, so we got the photo shot and Nick helped Mick get back to dry land. We took some photos and whilst the stew was cooking, we headed to the giant camp oven. Nick made a breakfast pizza with a pancake mix, in the frypan and it tasted great. There was plenty to share, so none went to waste.

A photo of the recipe in the What’s up Downunder Magazine

Home again

Time flew by and before we knew it was time for us to head home. We had a lovely time, even though we had a lot of work to do while we were there. Sean and Katherine were unbelievable hosts and treated us like royalty. We can’t wait to return one day with the family, so they can enjoy it too!
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Photos and story by Nick and Mick.

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