Country Rock and Camp Oven Cooking | Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

Ahh, summertime in Australia. The smell of snags, the hustle and bustle of people heading to the water and of course, Christmas lunch. Before we get to the good stuff, why don’t we take a look at some options for a weekend or extended getaway.

Recently, Mick, Nick and I buckled ourselves into my jalopy and headed north to a great little place called Neurum Creek Bush Retreat. It’s a little over an hour north of Brisbane and we went for their Annual Country Rock and Camp Oven Cooking Weekend.

We were there toward the end of winter so it was still a bit chilly and the fog didn’t lift until about 10 o’clock, but when it did, wow, what a place! Apparently there were 600 people there, though you wouldn’t have known. The park is huge, surrounded by bushland, mountains and cliffs and a nice little creek, which would be perfect for a cool dip in the heat of the day.

Good Enough to Come Back!

It’s fair to say that the 3 of us liked it enough to consider taking our hand brakes and billy lids there for a holiday. A lot of people think when they are planning a weekend away, they need to travel for hours on end. Why? Who knows. But what is known is that some of the best campgrounds are not much further than the end of your street. If you’re lucky enough to be spending Christmas in one, you’re going to need to cook a decent Christmas lunch, one with plenty of leftovers.

The next thing you need to think about is presents. In keeping with technology trends, the Cast Iron Boys have developed a nifty little 8Gb Camp Oven shaped USB drive, packed full of our recipes like the one below, how to videos and special offers from sponsors. They make the perfect gift for the budding camp oven cook, and are available from the Cast Iron Boys website, Another awesome present that a lot of people would be happy to unwrap on the 25th of December is the Ozpig.
The Aussie owned and operated companies’ catchphrase is “You’ll love your Pig, and its easy to work out why after given the opportunity to use one an Neurum Creek when we were there. I managed to cook up some Halloumi and Chorizo skewers on the hotplate for entree, and then switched my attention to cooking that great lunch mentioned before.


Neurum Creek Booking Details

To book a spot at the magnificent Neurum Creek Bush Retreat, or event dates go to their website.

Neurum Creek Bush Retreat
Story was from the Great South East website


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