Meet Marcel From Australian Outdoor Adventures

Move on over Ryan, we have to make room for the new member of cast Cast Iron Boys, (HAHA jokes!)

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to my brother from another mother, Marcel From Australian Outdoor Adventures.

While Ryan and his family are on a cruise (lucky bugger, I know!), Marcel will be filling Ryan’s shoes on stage with us in at the Gold Coast Caravan & Camping Expo. I thought I better take a moment to introduce you to Marcel.

Marcel is a 26-year-old Aussie bloke with a small family that he works hard to support. In his spare time he loves going camping, four-wheel driving, hunting, fishing and riding his motorbikes. I’ve known Marcel for 14 years, and he’s been more like a brother to me than a mate. It’s safe to say we have had some fun together over the years.

Marcel does love doing anything to have a good time, but I can tell you his first love is filming and boy he’s good at it too. If you ever need a video produced, he’s the man for you.

Australian Outdoor Adventures primary goal is to inspire others to put down their iPad and get out of the lounge room and have an adventure. The website covers loads of information on four wheel driving, camping, fishing and hunting and more!

Find out more about Australian Outdoor Adventures here:


Check out the highlights video from the 2015 Gold Coast Caravan Show filmed by Marcel!

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