What is a Bedourie - Nicks Tip - Cast Iron Boys

What is a Bedourie – Nick’s Tips – Cast Iron Boys

What is a Bedourie?

Today Nick talks about a bedourie and its history. Southern Metal Spinners makes this item, in South Australia.
This oven is made from heavy gauge spun carbon steel and it will not break or crack. You can also use the lid as a frying pan. You can use the bedourie as a camp oven, a frying pan or a boiling pot. It is available in two size – a 10 inch and a 12 inch.

A benefit of this oven is not only its lightweight material but if dropped, it will not crack or shatter like cast iron.

Here’s a great recipe to try: Saucy Lamb Chops

Check out more info about Southern Metal Spinners here.

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