Camp Oven Cooking - Roast Lamb
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Camp Oven Cooking – Roast Lamb

Camp Oven Cooking – Roast Lamb

On today’s menu for camp oven cooking – roast lamb!

2 kgs leg of lamb, cut in half by the butcher.

Marinade Rub:
Combine rosemary, mixed herbs, garlic, salt, pepper and raw sugar in a bowl with oil. Rub over your meat cover and refrigerate.

Place your cut up your pumpkin and potatoes in a bowl and cover with salt, pepper and mixed herbs and mix with oil.

Cooking time depends on heat, and portion sizes and I’m using an 8.5 quart and a 4.5-quart camp oven.

Here’s another tasty recipe to try! Saucy Lamb Chops

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