Nick's Tips - Seasoning a camp oven with Derek Bullock.

Nick’s Tips – Seasoning a Camp Oven with Derek Bullock.

Seasoning a Camp Oven

Today on Nick’s Tips we are seasoning a camp oven with our guest, Derek Bullock.

Derek has over 30 years of camp oven cooking up his sleeve and I thought I would take my rusty camp oven to him to show us how he seasons a camp oven.

In this video, Derek will show you the steps he uses to clean up a camp oven. It is important to remove all surface rust from your camp oven before seasoning. In past years, seasoning a camp oven meant cleaning it out and throwing it in the fire, however, we’re using a hood BBQ this time.

You can find more info on Derek’s site –

Check out Derek’s recipe for Steak and Kidney Stew.

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