Marinated Ribs and Veggies

Marinated Ribs and Veggies – Cast Iron Boys – Camp Oven Cooking

Marinated Ribs and Veggies

Today we’re making marinated ribs and veggies – how tasty does that sound! We wanted to show you how easy it is to cook a quick meal in the camp oven, with the Camp Oven Mate from Southern Metal Spinners.

We’ve made it easy and bought some marinated ribs from the local butcher and thrown in some fresh veggies. Simply throw all the ingredients into your camp oven, set the temperature and away you go! The beauty of the camp oven mate is that it acts like an oven but on the go! Plenty of time to cast your line and catch a fish or two (or a snag if you’re like me!).

Found out more about the Camp Oven Mate here.

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