Little Pinky the Tractor – Breast Cancer Awareness

I just have to let you know about Pinky the Tractor!  We were at Bundaberg recently doing a show and whilst we were there we visited Lance and Judy and I must say they are great people! We were welcomed with open arms (and a chilled beverage or two) and a great feed of beef curry fresh off the campfire.

We also met their neighbour, Dave. Lance was telling us that Dave had a pink tractor. We had to see it so Dave brought over the tractor. I know what you’re thinking, a bloke with a pink tractor? Well, there’s a good story behind it!

The pink tractor is a restoration project which Dave started for breast cancer awareness after having a stroke and spending nine weeks in a hospital. He was given a lot of support from the local Daffodil Dolls (the people who help fundraise for breast cancer and make sandwiches for events, etc). He wanted to give back his thanks so he bought an old rusted 1950 Ferguson TEA 20 tractor and spent five months restoring it to what it is today.

And boy he has done a great job, and apart from the most prominent feature of being pink, he has added eyelashes, a donation box, front grill, a duck hood ornament and it’s even got air horns that play the Dukes of Hazard tune.

He couldn’t have done it without help from a major sponsor, Queensland Tractor Spares. He takes the old girl out to local fundraisers and club rallies to raise funds for breast cancer research. What a champ!


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